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Thread: Video Extensions and Video Playlist

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    Video Extensions and Video Playlist

    Is there any registry key or xml file that can be edited so you can add .VOB to valid video extensions ?

    Is there any playlist functionaly for videos ?

    I am trying to use FFDSHOW to realtime re-encode mp3, pcm 2.0, DD 2.0 ect to AC3 5.1 output. This is working fine while playing video files, but when playing mp3 files it dosent connect to the ffdshow audio decoder. The setup works if I use windows mediaplayer, the mp3 gets realtime encoded to 5.1 channel ac3.

    so, I guess its the mp3 decoder used in Central Fuse that causes the problem. If anyone have any solution for any of the above "problems" please let me know.

    Currently using the k-lite codec pack for audio\video decoding and MPG2 VOB files for playback and DVD (when dvd is played alex ac3 filter handles the audio)

    what mpeg 2 codec is the right choice for Centralfuse ? I treid with cyberlink Power dvd codec which saved a lot of cpu time, but it makes CentralFuse crash when switching from MPG2 file playback to DVD, Mp3 ect

    One Last thing, is there any way to set the Volume lower than 30% ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deleted
    Is there any registry key or xml file that can be edited so you can add .VOB to valid video extensions ?
    open the Centrafuse\system\config.xml file and look at the 2nd line
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