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Thread: New Skining Standards !!!

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    New Skining Standards !!!

    just a new idea to improve the way of skining
    let us say you have your CF and like 5 or 6 Plugins
    when you change the skin of your CF you have to change the sking for each plugin in this case at least 20 to 30 syeps to do
    you have to go to sttings and change the skin of CF and click accept and confirm then you have to go to plugins slect your plugin etc ......
    my idea is to put all the skins on on folder let us say

    | |
    | |---CF
    | |---Weather
    | |---Web
    | |---GPS
    |---Audi MMI
    | |
    | |---CF
    | |---Weather
    | |---Web
    | |---GPS

    and when you select a skin for CF from sittings all the plugins will be skined also

    this needs some modifaction in CF program and for Plugins coders

    when a plugin has no skin it will go by deafult to Standard folder

    what do you think guys ??
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    Yea, I've seen web portal software pull this off by doing exactly what you are saying here.
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    This is a good idea. I assume almost everybody would want their plugins to change skins when the main app changes.

    That, and make a skinning app. ..or port the RR app over so we can use it with Centrafuse (it's open source).

    The eaisier skinning is, the more skins we'll have, and the more people will want to use the program, because they can find their own style.
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    i think best way would be add function getCurrentSkinName() to CFSDK, unless there already is one (i havent familiarize my self with sdk yet). so this would let plugin coder to set right skin accordingly and automaticly from users perspective... as long same skin exists for plugin in question.

    (theres ofcourse no contradiction with original idea... which seems to be more about structure)

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