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Thread: CF 1.5: Expired again?!?

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    CF 1.5: Expired again?!?

    When I redid the drive on my carputer last month (end of last month), I went ahead and applied the license-file fix to keep the thing from expiring like it had been.

    Been driving around all day, and a few moments ago it gave me the "this copy has expired" window. The license file is where it should be, nothing has changed.

    wtf? The last time I had this happen it took 2 hours of continually installing/uninstalling to get the file to "take" again, I'm sick of dealing with that. No offense David, I love the front end and want to purchase it asap, I'm just wanting it to not all of a sudden expire when I come out of a convenience store.

    On the good note it's got major thumbs-up at some car events. On the downside, when things like this happen, it gets negative reviews.,.

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