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Thread: Iguidance and Centrafuse?

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    Iguidance and Centrafuse?

    Hello all,

    My carputer has its OS loaded and I am just waiting to load Centrafuse 1.6 as my front end to start out with. I will most likely try RR as well just to see what I like about each. Any issues having two front ends loaded at the same time. I assume I need to set up some sort of option to decide which one to boot up in. Wouldn't mind help here either.

    Anyway, I already have Iguidance ready to install, but am holding off since it looks like Centrafuse uses Destinator only. Is there any way I can use Iguidance and centrafuse together? I am not opposed to destinator since I have not even used Iguidance yet and have no prior experience. I would just like to use what I have at least in the beginning and then maybe get Destinator down the road once Centrafuse supports the latest version.

    Best regards,


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    Just embed iGuidance as an external app. This is what I've been doing and it works great.

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    Can you have a button in Centrafuse send a command to iGuidance?

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    No but you can use iGmod.

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