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Thread: Centrafuse 1.6 Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by P3rv3rt B3ar
    Yes, its what we call timebomb, usually used only by malicious software engineers
    Seriously.... All software should be completely free!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafster
    Seriously.... All software should be completely free!!!!
    Then how are software engineers suppose to make a living and pay their bills?

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    Ever think about standing on a corner and sell well you know...
    Just remember to show a little extra leg to get the big bucks.

    But seriously I don't know how to check the expiration date but perhaps we should find that date out. So we can ask a new licence file a couple days BEFORE they expire instead of after they expire...
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    I just don't know how you have the patience to put up with some of these people. God bless you, veetid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veetid
    Then how are software engineers suppose to make a living and pay their bills?

    Hehe, I was joking... it would be cool though....



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    I want to repeat my offer. Veeted: I will mail you one of my lcds. it is ready to go! I just want it to run with centrafuse! my dash is all in peiuces right now, waiting or me to put it all back together., but I want to wait to fabricate it all until I have the LCD working!

    take your pic, I have a blue and white 16x2 lcd, and a green 20x4 all set and ready to be installed, / tested, etc.
    I also have all the software, lots of documentation and more. I am so eager to send this stuff to you, it isnt even funny.
    I figure, that all in all, it will cost me 25$ for all the hardware, plus the shipping to get it to you. I consider this to be a GOOD DEAL in leiu of hacving lcd functionality within CF.

    Please Daid, Make this happen!
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    I have just downloaded this and is awesome, but it cant import my music. I enter the folders correctly on the A/V settings, but when I run rebuild on library under tools, it wnt import anythig. I read that this happened to someone here. Any ideas?

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    cfinstaller.dll error

    i am still getting this error, i did updates to Windows and still getting error.
    anyone else?


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    I have the EXACT same problem as below including to the white icon and allways "must enter setup". Windows 2000, SP4 with the .NET 1.1 runtime onboard. Fresh 2000 install, no previous Centrafuse version. Does anyone have this working on Win 2000 SP4?

    Did you ever figure it out RPM_VR4?


    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    Many problems:

    1) When trying to login on the web site, it said I needed to activate my account (which I have done before).
    2) There is no re-send activation on that page... I had to re-signup so it could tell me I was already signed up and then allow me to re-send the activation.
    3) I only got a 1.6 serial number in my account (no 1.5 serial is listed as others apparently see) and that serial number doesn't work.
    4) After the "wrong serial, continue in trial mode?" prompt it took me to the main menu where I had to click "try" and then re-enter my name again.
    5) After setting every thing up, it asked to import my music but found none even though I have verified that I did enter the directory correctly.
    6) I told it to run full screen but it did not.
    7) All buttons were blank on the main-menu and "menu" drop-down.
    8) I exited and restarted and it then made me enter setup again where all of my settings other than the music directory were reset.
    9) After re-doing all my settings a 2nd time, it did not ask me to load my music or run with blank buttons, it just exited.
    10) When running it a 3rd time it continues to do the same thing as the 2nd time (all settings lost, exits when you press close)
    11) Desktop icon and start-menu icon are blank (just standard file icon).

    ...other than that it works great

    (I am testing it on an old 950mhz laptop with Windows2000 SP4, but it does have all the .NET stuff installed on it [all windows updates including all optional ones for that matter]. Hopfully I will have better luck on my home/work/car machines when I get back from China)

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