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Thread: Already have clock in your car???

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    Already have clock in your car???

    Then swap the current time and current media position settings. Here's how for v1.6.

    open the Centrafuse\skins\Onyx WS\skin.xml file

    Search for tag. TIMELBL and POSITIONLBL. Swap their inner tags.

    For fine tuning, edit the POSITIONLBL settings to your liking:

    If you are running the default 848x480, like can just use this. It seems to work well:

    <FONTNAME>Century Gothic</FONTNAME>

    If you are running a different resolution, please post your POSITIONLBL in here.
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    That's pretty cool, however I ended up doing something different

    I set the TIMELBL's X position to 900 so that if it was off screen (if I removed the TIMELBL section altogether, one of the other sections got replaced with the time.

    Then I increased the width of MAINTITLE to 667 so that there is more room for song titles.

    I'd like to know which tag controlls the position of that green button thing between PLAY and the date (and for that matter, what the button does!)

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    It is your "internet connection established" LED. Fairly useless

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    Ahh right.
    I've never gotten internet access to work (bluetoth dialup) which is probably why I've never seen it do anything.

    So which bit of XML controls it's position then?

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