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Thread: Phonecontrol Issues

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    Phonecontrol Issues

    Got the phone plugin working on my desktop pc but want to get a couple of issues ironed out before i transfer it to the car.

    1. SMS messages all appear as sent from the same person
    2. SMS Messages are listed newest last. It would be better for me if newer sms messages appeared at the top.

    Any ideas on how to resolve these?

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    I sure wish there was support for my Sprint/Samsung phone. I assume no further progress has been made on that (???)

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    Not really an issue...but I didn't think it was necessary to start a whole other thread for a quick question:

    Will PhoneControl Plugin be a separate purchase for final CF or will it be rolled into the total cost of CF?

    Just wanting a heads up for financial planning.

    PhoneControl works great with my Sony Ericsson T616!

    Also, any chance of getting support for the Inbox pointing to the Email Inbox on the T616 rather than SMS Inbox?



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