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Thread: Which software have you embedded?

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    Which software have you embedded?

    I now have my centrafuse almost fully set-up apart from GPS (I am waiting for destinator 6) but have been thinking about how I could further extend the app.

    What software has everybody embedded inside centrafuse? I would like to add some email functionality but embedding thunderbird leaves very little screen real estate and it somehow seems out of place. I have also thought about some sort of aircon plugin. I had to remove the heater dials to make room for the touchscreen so I'll be looking to add a relay controller to switch the fan speed.

    So....What has everybody else have embedded and what do you plan on embedding?

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    I've just remembered hearing of somebody writing a wireless connection manager as well does anybody know how this has progressed?

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    I just installed centrafuse yesterday and imported some mp3's to test everything out. I like it very much so far and was surprised how freindly the instal was. My only issue is I have no problem doing the simple things, but I have no experience embedding software.

    Just for kicks I tried to add Iguidance as an external app (like notepad in stock setup). I mapped a button to the Iguidance.exe file and it opened up. I just don't know where to go from here. Am I on the right track? Should I just buy Destinator and use that instead? I know the release version will use the newest version of destinator, so I do not want to buy version 3 then have to upgrade as well.

    Any suggestions?

    Other then that, David you did a hell of a job and I look forward to being able to do things with my carputer I have not even thought of yet.

    Best regards,


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