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Thread: Its official, we NEED RW/FF

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    yeah much better than extra buttons that will never be used. I actually prefer the FF/REW embedded into the next and previous track, less buttons to hit while driving.
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    Slider please, as usual.
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    My vote goes to the slider as well.
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    As i've said before, the slider is definately cool but that actual button you touch has to be of decent size, therefore the slider depicted in the screenshot would not suffice.

    Anyone who suggests I modify my cursor settings... keep in mind this is intended to be a mainstream product which works out of the box. Your average joe(me included) doesnt even know a cursor stabalization setting even exists.

    Heres my main issue... How do I FF/RW from my steering wheel remote?
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    My suggestion has be to use a POPUP window that will show a slider with a large usable button on it. I can't imagine having this huge button/slider taking up permanent space on the screen. I know the first thing I will do is remove it from the skin if we get to that
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    Am I the only one who has never used or will ever use fast forward or rewind?
    Seems useless to me

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    Don't ever use FF/FR either, sorry.

    I much more appreciate the bigger buttons, which make it useable.

    But that's only my personal opinion...

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    I think I could give away a row in my playlist to make room for a slider...
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    I never FF/REW, but I would use a slider for TV/Movies (or possibly to hear the end of a song, but I would never bother doing that by holding down FF for 10+ seconds).

    I'm definatly glad to get rid of useless buttons. While we are at it can we have an option to get rid of Vol+/-/mute for those of us who have our CarPC wired as a CD-Changer/Aux-In to a real car stereo?

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    To those of you that dont EVER use athe FF/ RW buttons, ....then i guess your musical needs never taxed you with having to use those buttons.

    To the rest of the people that DO in fact use those buttons, I definitely agree that the buttons should come back somewhere....or maybe do something like the streetdeck is with writing on the screen or something...i dont know...

    Moral of the story is, that we are all beta testers, telling somebody to change your settings, turn back time, spin around 40 times, while taking a **** on a rotating stump to solve your problem, is just plain ignorant. I say toss the buttons on there, the slider is a cheap bandaid for the problem.


    EDIT: Just had a thought, what about just make it an option in the general tab like an "ON/OFF" switch.. Something like....( FF/RW Integration ON/OFF ).....problem solved to everyones Liking. As a penalty, us FF/RW non-integraters could choose to make our buttons smaller to fit our added buttons, or give up some of our media display area to add the buttons above the Track Forward/Track Rewind buttons.

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