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Thread: Its official, we NEED RW/FF

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    No way Lum, you need the next/prev for RANDOM mode. I just wish the prev had a history depth greater than 1.
    I second this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum
    though it would probably work better if it could be arranged so that the current playing song was always in the middle, rather than scrolling once the current song marker drops off the bottom of the screen.

    If you absolutely must add a slider, have a single button that temporaily replaces the entire bottom panel with the slider and has a huge blob on it that's easy to drag around.
    Two good ideas.
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    For touch-screen clicking, I see why you wouldn't want the list to move dynamically (only by page as it is now). However, when using the arrow keys, I would love to see my "smart scrolling" implementation as described previously and re-described below. It depends on the number of lines displayed, so the "break-points" should be configurable within the skin, but here are two examples:

    Default SKIN - 5 lines
    The highlight starts on the top for the first item.
    As you press down the highlight moves down the list.
    When the 4th line is highlighted, down will move the list up.
    (highlight remains on the 4th line)
    Only when you are on the last item in the list will the highlight move to the 5th line.
    When you press up, the highlight will move to center, then to the 2nd line, then the list will move instead of the highlight.
    Only when you are on the first item in the list will the highlight move to the 1st line.

    By looking at the list, you can instantly tell if you are at the top or the bottom and what direction you are moving in. You can always see at least one song in to the future as you move the highlight. Your eyes can stay focused on one area of the screen as you move down the list searching for a song.

    Traffic SKIN - 10 lines
    Same basic idea, but I would stop the highlight and start scrolling the list at line numbers 3 and 7. That way you could always see two items in to the future.

    Even better similar idea (but harder to code): The two main rules are the same, the highlight will never be on the first line unless you are on the first item, and the same goes for the last line and the last item. Instead of fixing the "break-points", you change it according to your page-position in the entire list. For example with 5-lines per page and 9 pages, the list would scroll with the highlight on the 2nd line for the first 3 pages. Then the highlight would move to the middle (3rd line) and the list would scroll for the next 3 pages. Then the highlight would move to the 4th line for the last 3. This method adds the additional advantage of being able to tell your position in the total list from the position of the highlight bar.

    This whole idea is dumb for a touch-screen, but it would make using my PowerMate to scroll a much better experience.

    An alternate/additional idea would be to add a scroll bar to the right of the list. It doesn't have to be a huge draggable thing, it is just nice to have an indicator of how big the list is and your approximate position within the list.

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