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Thread: Anyone having lockups?

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    Anyone having lockups?

    Sometimes my CF locks up to where it plays the song its on but my Touchscreen doesnt work, my Keyboard, my cursor wont move, i cant do the volume etc..etc.. BUT< the track continues to play till the end, then stops completely. I caught it twice at the MOMENT it locked was when there was video and MP3's in my playlist and it switched from an MP3 to a video (which was teh next track) all in the media organizer view (no visualizations). Just locked up....

    I've gotten about 4-5 of these type of lockups in the past month or so. Just wondering if im the only one so i can start looking at hardware issues. Thanks


    P.S. I will pull my error log file soon for you David if it generated one..

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    My CF locks up when I try to save very large playlists. The music keeps playing, but nothing else works and the playlist does not save.

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