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Thread: Serious memory problem anyone?

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    Serious memory problem anyone?

    Hi. I've downloaded the latest centrafuse download and installed it. the only thing i've done is added my music and started playing it. about 6000 songs.

    for a start, when browsing the music, i could only browse as a directory. Artist, Album etc didnt; work, it just didn't respond to the button press.

    then when playing music, the memory used just keeps rising. I didn't notice at first but hten windows complained that the disk space was low. at this point centrafuse was useing over 500mb (ram ran out, virtual memory filled up the hard disk).

    I'm using windows xp sp2 on a desktop.

    Is anyone having this problem? I think it's really bad and makes it unusable. Plus the application doesn't shut down by itself i have to end it in task manager.

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    is noone else having this problem?

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    It's not a problem yet. But I see that CF uses a lot of memory. My Carputer has 1GB and no swapfile. I have tried leaving the PC on while at work, but it does crash after a few hours. Might be due to memory leak.

    After boot, CF uses 100MB even with a few plugins disabled. But that is no problem for me yet... I have to check how much it uses after a while.

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