Here is the progress of 1.7. First is a list of features already fixed/added.

New Features
Removed two buttons from bottom global navigation and increased the size of the play controls
Added full screen video overlay, similiar to DVD overlay
Double clicking visualizations makes them go full screen
Added support for UltraPlayer visualizations
Album art view scans for folder.jpeg
Clicking any button will hide the system drop down menu, if it is visible
Adjustable aspect ratios added for videos, now defaults to correct aspect ratio
Added the ability to control application with keyboard with up/down/left/right/tab/backspace
Matched hotkeys to standard windows remote commands
TV plugin now has support for most standard TV tuners
Decreased main drop down menu timeout
Settings has been re-designed to include all setup options in one list view
Added the ability to use custom resolutions through settings interface
Added CF_changeSkin function to the SDK
Added "..." to truncated songs in the main title
Enhanced initial setup process
Album art is retrieved when importing a CD
When the password is wrong lockscreen displays "invalid password" dialog
Volume change speed increases as you hold down the buttons
Logarithmic volume is now optional
Recording levels and wave output are always linear
Added search by filename to media manager search dialog
Added additional hotkeys
Added feature to record videos with CAM
Pictures and videos from CAM automatically show up in the media manager
GPS is fully integrated into application, no longer a plugin (it can still be disabled and not used)
Added icon support for external applications (place "<external application name>.png" in the icons folder)
Language and Skin settings removed from all plugins, they are controlled from General settings in setup now
GPS allows you to navigate at any point during the address navigation process, such as navigating to a city or street
GPS now has an OSK to allow you to narrow your list of cities, streets, and house numbers
General settings now has location for Day and Night skin
Button added to toggle day and night skin
New day skin has been created
Added a hotkey for go to previous section
Media player list view is now single click
Random button is now a toggle like mute
Added phone battery and signal icons to the global information display
The taskbar is hidden while the application is run
Holding favorites in media player for 3 seconds loads your favorites playlist
Option to hide taskbar on startup
When you click weather and no location is set, a dialog is displayed telling you to go to settings
When password set settings is also protected
Added unlimited previous history
Web browser new window links now display within the same browser window instead of not showing up at all
When importing a CD you can click away and continue to use the application, you will be alerted when it's finished

Bugs Fixed:
TV plugin properly resizes when resolution or skin changes
DVD properly resizes when resolution or skin changes
External applications keep focus when dialogs are launched
Full screen visualization should now close on slower computers
You can now remove plugins from within settings
Settings is now an available button action
Drop down menu does not break when you modify the button layout
Voice settings enable/disable option displays proper text
External applications setting full screen on/off properly works
All line devices are defaulted to None
Settings properly hides when using hotkeys to navigate to other sections
Changed settings are remembered as you change pages before you save
Volume information dialog properly resizes when resolution is changed
Changing skins properly reloads skin icons
Pause button properly updates when playing videos
Directory icon is displayed next to playlists in media manager
Album art first checks for folder.jpg, then checks the file for embedded album art
Settings section properly resizes when resolution is changed
When cross fade time is set to 0, cross fading is disabled
Fixed file filter, extra files such as pictures will not show up when adding music
Files with a ' character in the filename will properly import
Web browser paging buttons have been fixed
Improved tag reading, track numbers and unicode characters fixed
Mouse cursor is hidden on resume from hiberation, if enabled
Voice commands properly save when set in settings
Calculating route dialog added to all route calculations in GPS
Plugin display name is now properly read from language file
All pictures now load when selecting a picture and hitting play now
Pause icon properly displays when loading a video
Album art now updates when not in the media screen and the current album changes
Eject properly works when pictures are loaded
Phone does not display setup wizard on load when phone is not configured
Phone properly reads contacts
Album art properly resizes when resolution is changed
Hotkey events are disabled while changing hotkeys
Hidden directories and files are no longer shown
Playlist properly loads after viewing picture paths
Playlists and favorites properly load
Queue reloads if emptied and the media manager is cancelled
Fixed header display problem that showed radio whie in media mode
GPS does not unmute audio when music paused
When hide cursor enabled it hides on startup
During the initial setup wizard, rebuild library automatically starts
Pressing pause/play no longer breaks previous track
Random should not repeat any song until the entire playlist has been played
Volume is changed back before it starts playing when exiting DVD player
DVD menu button works
DVD skip chapter works
When hide cursor is enabled, the cursor is hidden when watching DVD's
Generic art properly displays when playing a CD