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Thread: DVD Audio Problems

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    DVD Audio Problems

    Just to start, I have to say CF Rocks!! I had pre-tested RR and liked it, worked around the issues (didn't really now there were any). Got CF and LOVE it, but ran into a problem. MP3s play, CDs play, but DVD Audio doesn't play.

    Now for the wierdest part. PowerDVD plays the DVD-Audio. Can I get some help on what to fix?

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    I had driver issues for the onboard video, so dealt with that next. Now I can run PowerDVD with hardware enabled. Still running into the same problem, so I wish to clarify my post.

    * CF Media playing MP3s
    * CF Media playing CDs
    * CF DVD playing video of a movie
    * PowerDVD playing audio and video of a movie

    * CF DVD playing the audio of a movie
    ***EDIT*** FP DVD playing audio of a movie

    Looks like 2 of 2 frontends can't seem to use the DVD Audio, but everything works in a standalone. Now I'm QUITE confused.
    Any suggestions please?

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    Did you install one of those "Codecs Packs"? If you did so, you might want to get rid of it or un-install it... I had problems in the past with those...
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    Nope, Didn't install any codecs. I am trying to keep this install clean so it will run better than usual. So far it's not working so well. I tried FP and RR with no avail, then I tried to run PowerDVD as an external App. It will run and play audio, but the video shows up in a seperate window and the CF window is black. I wouldn't mind if I could figure that out, but I like how clean CF looks and don't want to ruin that.

    It's working. Just a word to the wise, be careful with any sort of Windows Lite versions. I am now using a different stripped down model that I use on my desktop. It's much more bloated, I probably should have made a larger partition for the OS, wasn't really thinking about that. But now I know it was just me, and that CF still rocks. Now if I only knew how much CF was going to cost me...

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