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Thread: Improper Hibernation leading to Windows boot error

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    Improper Hibernation leading to Windows boot error


    I believe I have found a bug, but I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this.

    I have a fresh Windows XP SP2 installation, with Centrafuse 1.6. I have not installed various dependencies yet (Destinator maps, etc) on this particular install. In the Centrafuse settings, I have set Hibernation.

    When the key is turned off, my OPUS 150 triggers the shutdown, and everything seems to hibernate. However, when turned back on, BIOS boots, then the initial Windows black screen with white bars goes across about half way, and then it says something along the lines of "Windows can not properly boot with the current settings, do you wish to Delete the restore point and continue booting?" And saying yes to that boots everything up just fine. However, it seems every time this happens.

    I have tried other Centrafuse shutdown settings, like for Shutdown, and Standby, neither of which seems to work at all. I remember with previous releases, we needed to set this in the OS directly, so is there a bug with how Centrafuse talks to the OS to set this?

    Any ideas?

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    Does hibernation work properly if CF isn't running?

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    Quick answer.

    When your shutting down sometimes not all the times becuase it worked before the power is getting cut before the OS is done hibernating and that will cause that problem.

    Also search around this is a common problem. Alot of times has to do with a hung app that won't let the computer hibernate.
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