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Thread: Frustrated! Searching for a frontend

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    Frustrated! Searching for a frontend

    So i've now officially tried to get RoadRunner and Frodoplayer to work with little to no success. Frodoplayer loads half way off the screen so its not even functional. The only frontend I have succesfully used on a regular basis is MediaEngine, but it doesn't have the functionality I want. My biggest concern is XM radio, so when does Centrafuse expect to be releasing 2.0 or 1.7 or whatever? I want a functional front-end so bad!! I'm willing to pay pay pay!

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    I can't imagine why you weren't able to get RR working. I'm using RR with the CFX skin by b8bboi and everything runs perfectly, including XM. I'll take a look at CF once the new version is out and will probably wind up using both CF and RR. I don't think even David (the developer) knows when CF is going to be out, so my advice would be to use RR until CF is out. The FAQs on the RR thread should get you going. If not, there are plenty of people with great brains who will help you along.

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