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Thread: My opinion on Centrafuse. WOW!

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    My opinion on Centrafuse. WOW!

    First off I want to say is WOW David.. Do you realize you are about to dominate the carputer front end industry?! I think everyone from RR and MI and everything else need to get together and start making another front end JUST to catch you.

    I LOVE LOVE the way the music is loaded. As for as hd/cd/usb.. and being able to unload the music folder and switching folders. I also LOVE the visuals. Its so clean and pretty sick man. Amazing!

    But I have a problem with the phone I was wondering if in time you are going to rewrite that phonecontrol part? Like to me its not really even usable. The contacts are not sorted by name "for me". You have a contact for each person instead of having say "Amy" which branches off to "amy cell, amy home, amy work.. " ECT.. I was wondering if you could make it so you Click AMY and on the side you select which number to call. IDK its just not really desireable to use it right now.

    Also.. When you go to music paths.. It basically loads everything in the folder.. music art and all. I was wondering if you would fix it so when you browse via music art it just picks out the music?

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    All of these issues have already been fixed in 1.7, including all the reported phone changes you mentioned...

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