Always uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before you install. Then navigate to the folder where you installed Centrafuse and manually delete the directory.

New Features:
  1. Added new interface for creating radio modules, all source code for current radio modules will be included in the SDK
  2. Added single click mode for list views
  3. Distance to favorite is now shown in favorites folders under navigation
  4. Added option to disable phone, whether it has been setup or not, under general settings
  5. If information is not available it is not displayed or part of the rotation in the GPS information bar
  6. Bottom navigation accessible while in fullscreen mode in NAV, CAM, WEB, and External Applications
  7. When adding to the queue in "My Library", the selection automatically moves to the next item after you add it
  8. Holding down the back button for 2 or more seconds makes you automatically go to the section you were previously in
  9. Added option for main page close button to pull up exit dialog
  10. Improved initial load time
  11. Added new turn by turn dialog to navigation
  12. Increased the external application embedding speed
  13. The left/right arrows now work on the main page, OBDII, and setup screens
  14. "My Library" initial screen is now in the format Artists, Albums, Genres, Videos, Pictures, Music Folders
  15. Hidden files and folders are searched and added when it's not pictures
  16. Added hotkeys for the first 6 external applications
  17. Added an updater that checks online for updates, downloads, and installs them
  18. Added "no internet connection available" dialogs where needed
  19. Auto run is disabled on startup and re-enabled on exit, if it was enabled
  20. You can show a turn during a route by double clicking an item in the turn by turn list

Bugs Fixed:
  1. The videos and pictures section in "My Library" do not break when you remove the CAM plugin
  2. Back button properly functions in the pictures section under "My Library"
  3. Web browser paging buttons are in the right order
  4. Increased unmute length in navigation when a command is spoken
  5. Close button on external applications does not stop audio
  6. External applications do not get the bottom cut off anymore
  7. Auto switching of day/night skin properly works
  8. Unit dialog click sounds work
  9. When switching skins the media section HD/CD/USB counts and icons properly update
  10. The drop down menu does not disappear when in an external application
  11. The hotkey that toggles shuffle mode properly updates the shuffle image in the bottom navigation
  12. List views get initial focus when changing sections or displaying dialogs
  13. CD playback problems have been resolved where sometimes CD's would not load or populate song list at all
  14. When loading a CD when not on the Media screen, the list view properly updates the song list
  15. Fixed bug in the loading screen for skins with a different size other than 848x480
  16. OBDII now shows airflow in cfm, not lb/min
  17. Dialogs and screens should properly get focus for keyboard control
  18. Switching skins properly updates mute/random and other toggles
  19. Fixed loading screen in "My Library"
  20. Fixed bug where occasionally you would see a letter popup on the list view when you were not holding it down
  21. You can now run the Phone setup from within Centrafuse, even after you have your phone setup and PhoneControl loaded
  22. Your password is checked when trying to enter settings, when you have a password setup
  23. You can now save a phone number under Internet settings with characters, such as #*
  24. You can setup an external application after you add it without reloading settings
  25. You can delete an external application after one is added without reloading settings
  26. External applications will be added to the first available button when added
  27. External applications will show up under Button Layout without restarting Settings, when added
  28. Videos are paused when pictures are loaded, so you can use the slide show button
  29. The hold and jump feature on list view skips "The " when selecting the letter "T"
  30. Enter properly works with the OSK, Numberpad, and Navigation dialog using keyboard control
  31. Navigation properly updates when you change your unit setting
  32. Navigation properly updates when you change your language
  33. Fixed issue with being able to add a plugin multiple times
  34. Settings list view updates after you add a new plugin
  35. When adding a plugin you select the main plugin folder, before you had to enter the directory
  36. Improved search speed when typing through city/street/zip items in navigation
  37. Full screen video does not minimize when you click pause
  38. Video will stay in full screen on resume from hibernation
  39. Certain "section changing" hotkeys are disabled while dialogs are displayed
  40. Fixed navigation show route display issues
  41. Voice commands properly save, they don't save to the above selected item
  42. Voice recognition works again, before no commands would have been recognized (If you use Radio or SatRadio, you need to use a USB or Bluetooth microphone because Radio and SatRadio take over input control for pause/play/rewind/fastforward functionality)
  43. If you cancel a file copy/import it does not delete your destination location anymore
  44. Radio and Satellite Radio do not skip/stutter when you select them from the drop down or main menu anymore
  45. Phone dialog will automatically disappear if the call begins
  46. OBDII display bugs fixed
  47. The gauges have been removed until they are finished, they had too many issues
  48. Moving forward uninstall will not remove any added plugins, skins, playlists, language files, keyboard files, or anything else that was added after installation (these items will be deleted when RC1 is uninstalled, back them up if you need them)
  49. Fixed bug where COM ports greater than 9 were not working with OBDII and SATRADIO
  50. Fixed OGG track number tag reading
  51. XMPCR works on resume from hibernation
  52. XMDirect device works
  53. Navigation works as the startup location
  54. Changing single click does not require a restart
  55. Random does not repeat a song until it has played the entire list, if the current list changes it will restart
  56. OBDII should not disconnect, it only requests information for supported PID's