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Thread: RC1 - Small little thing

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    RC1 - Small little thing

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but found a small bug... Let me say first, this seems like the most stable version out yet, great job!

    Well... can someone else try this? --- playing just a regular .mp3 file on the media screen, clicking on the left arrow, then clicking on XM on the menu screen.

    When I do this, each time I can re-produce it... the music is supposed to stop, it does stop, but it gets stuck in a loop and plays a fraction of a second of the song that was playing, on and off... this doesnt seem to stop until you go back to the media screen and the song starts back up.

    This is very very small little bug, I mean its nothing too big -- Maybe when youm start to play XM it will clear it.

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    I can't reproduce this... Can you post bugs in the bugs thread...


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    Yeha I will repost this, or could you just move it to there? -- I tried to see if I could move it but doesnt look like it.

    The problem could be related to my sound card... I will try to reproduce it in my car later today.

    To re-produce you might need to try it a few times.. you need to click on XM right when there is sound in the song. If the song is in a pause when you click XM, then there is nothing to loop on.

    Hard to explain, cant find the right words =)

    I will wait a while to see if you can move this thread before I recreate it.

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