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Thread: Coincidence? Very first resume causes system crash!!

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    Coincidence? Very first resume causes system crash!!

    I got a chance to install RC1 and got things up and working okay. I drive to the store, shopped around for a bit, and came back to the car and was driving for no more than 30 seconds... I dont remember exactly what happened when it first resumed from hibernation (if it was playing music or not), but I went to click on a different song and nothing happened. I proceeded to press the play/pause button, and nothing happened. After that, I get the BSOD and the computer restarts. It loaded up the boot screen, detected the HDD, and then prompted me to choose how to start up the system (safe mode, start normally, last known good config) etc. I can select any of them, and it will only cycle right back through the boot screen and back to that selection menu. I have tried messing with the bios some to see if that would do anything, but am left confused with no fix!!!

    The system has been running strong for over a year running FP and Iguidance. I get the occasional hiccup and am forced to end taks an app, and once or twice it has restarted on its own... but for the most part, it will resume from hibernation 5-6 times a day and has been without a restart for a few months at some points. I understand this could be a total coincidence, but figured I would ask for some help and support.

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    I think this is probably just a co-incidence. CF is a .net application so you'd expect the framework to kick in and terminate CF way way before it got to BSOD stage.

    Last time this happened to me, it turned out that there was a solder splat stuck to the inside of my system somewhere that had finally gotten loose, fallen off and shorted out my USB controller. Fortunately it did no permanent damage.

    I think you're going to end up reinstalling Windows

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