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Thread: Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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    Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    hy guys,

    i'm from germany and i love centrafuse

    I have bought a bluetooh gps receiver, but it won't work!!

    I choose the virtual serial port in centrafuse, but the integrated destinator
    say always Satellites: 0 and don't work.

    The GPS Receiver found satellites, that can i see at a green light.

    Please help me and sorry for my bad english

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    Moved from the CF FAQs to the main CF forum.

    Please pay attention to what subforum you're in before posting requests for help.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Anybody use a bluetooth gps receiver???

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    I do, with the same problem in the new cf, map monkey works fine.

    What com port, are your receiver asseingt to?

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    The problem isn't the bluetooth receiver i bought a usb receiver and have the same problem

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    I use a Bluetooth gps receiver
    What software are you using to connect to your Bluetooth gps receiver?
    I’m still trying to connect as well. I managed in 1.6 but now ive got to do it all over again in 1.7 with it in the car this time to.

    But any ways
    You will have to connect to gps receiver with this software before loading up CF
    Check the com port its connected on and then load up CF, in the find gps settings click on find and it should cycle through the ports listed (in CF 1.6) also I noticed that the port numbers available use to change all the time so I dunno whats the go with that but in 1.7 im guessing you just click on the port number your gps is connected on
    Let the world roll along... Ill catch up later.

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    Mine didn't connect either. but rebooting the carpc after i configured it all helped. works fine now and lockes faster than CF1.6 and works almost instant out of hibernation.

    btw i have a BU303 USB
    my destinator map resource down permanently

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    I use a Bluetooth gps receiver and i solved this bug instaling GPSGATE. Usign a virtual port the gps works propertly.

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