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Thread: 1.6 license?

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    1.6 license?

    How long will the 1.6 license be valid?

    Im having so much trouble witn 1.7 compared to 1.6 with no apparent problems, that i will go back to using 1.6.

    1.7 just wont work at all for me! Every time I start CF I have to load my playlist all over, GPS doesn't work every time I start CF (worked the first two times I started it, then the icon of my car on the map just had a litte red X over it and it didnt connect to any sattelites. CF crashed the third timestarting it, resetting all settings and refusing to save new settings - reinstall required).

    So, since 1.6 is way more stable (for me, as everything I need working, works) I wonder how long it will be until the 1.6 license expires?

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    Weird because I find 1.7 way more stable... you could post an error.log file... It will last long enough until RC1.1 comes out and hopefully that will solve your problems...

    I forget the exact date, will have to look it up... sometime next fall I believe...

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