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Thread: Listening on XM radio stations via internet directly in Centrafuse - is it possible?

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    Question Listening on XM radio stations via internet directly in Centrafuse - is it possible?


    I am from Europe where we can forget about XM radio But I am listening to AOL XM radio statios on my desktop at home a lot.

    I am using Winamp -> Media Library - Online Services - AOL Radio with XM. I was testing downstream and it up to 2 kb/s at max and no upload when listening.

    And I just got an idea. I have internet connection in my car (GPRS/UMTS when driving and WLAN when I have range).

    Is there any possibility that I get a list of AOL Radio with XM (the same as in Winamp -> XM The City, XM '80s...) in Centrafuse or is there any other way?

    Best regards!


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    You should be able to listen to XM or Sirius through any modern web browser, which should count you in. But you do need a username and password, which comes with subscription.

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