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Thread: What is the ideal screen resolution for CF?

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    What is the ideal screen resolution for CF?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what resolution you all use for running CF? I have a Xenarc 700TSV and all it will display is the 1024x648 (the numbers are atleast close to that). How can I make the display optimal?

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    It is best with any 16:9, or close to it, resolution... 4:3 resolutions will not look great, but still work and look alright...

    Go into the resolution dialog and hit the "+" sign to add a custom resolution...

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    to "make the display optimal" will have little to do with centrafuse... you should ideally have your pc run at the native resolution of the panel.... in your case, the lcd native res is 800X480.... if you get your pc to display at that resolution, your display will be at true 1 to 1 pixel, meaning optimal display....

    if 800X480 isn't an option for you depending on your hardware, second best will be 800X600... at 1024X768 the display is scan converted, & will not be as crisp, because it is scaled...

    once you have that right, you of course should set your cf to the same...

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    I use the same screen and run at 800x600 because trying to get 800x480 was making me pull my hair out. It's been just fine for me at 8x6 though.

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    Thanks guys... why is my Xenarc displaying at 1024x768 @ 60 Hz though if I have my computer resolution set to 800x600 @ 60Hz?

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