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Thread: CF settings lost

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    CF settings lost

    I have been using RC2 for a few days now and everything was working great until tonite when CF started up it acted as though I had just installed it, I had to go through the whole setup process again, but all my settings were still there. But nothing worked. Didnt find my song library, all the buttons on the menu were gone. It did not go to full screen mode, but neither did RR anymore. Not sure what happened but if anyone has an Idea I would be gratefull to hear it.
    Thanks in advance..

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    It is related to this thread most likely:

    CF 1,7 acting funny

    I have finally figured this out, with the help... Your main.dat database has been corrupted... I am still tracking down exactly what is causing this, most likley somewhere the connection is not closed which can corrupt Access database files...

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