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Thread: CF Modal Dialogs...

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    CF Modal Dialogs...


    What would it take to bring back the background dimming when Modal Dialogs are popped up? In many situations, you will end up with 3 screens stacked upon each other, and things get a little 'ugly'. I think if you had all background screens dimmed (say, 70% darker) while leaving the frontmost screen lit up 100%, it will look much better.

    I know 1.4 used to work this way, and it was great.

    Not a biggie though...
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    I plan to look into adding something like this back, but the implementation I had previously was one of the causes of slow performance on VIA based machines...

    I removed it to speed the application and it made a big difference. I will implement a better method...

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    Why not just black out the back ground then. If you cannot click on it anyway there's no point showing it


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