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Thread: Import Speed Cameras to Destinator in Centrafuse.

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    Import Speed Cameras to Destinator in Centrafuse.

    Maybe this has been already been posted but I wonder if anyone has found a way to import speed camera locations to centrafuse and enable voice alerts when approaching one of these bogeys.

    Speed camera alerts is one of the most useful features of a GPS based navigation software. In Dest3/map monkey it was easy to add a database of known locations of speed cameras, using comma separated values files easily converted from other popular formats such as .ov2. In centrafuse

    I've read that if you add your speed cameras to favorites in mapmonkey/destinator 3 and then grab the favs. file and paste it to centrafuse, the cameras will show onscreen but no alerts are available...

    Is this feature scheduled for next release? Is there any workaround to have this feature, I won't definitely switch to CF until this is implemented, and I think many people also will want to have these alerts in CentraFuse.



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    It will be in the next full release, RC3...

    Check here to see features already planned:
    Centrafuse Future Features

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