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Thread: Uh oh... new bug in RC2?

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    Unhappy Uh oh... new bug in RC2?

    Hey guys -

    I've been using RC2 since it was released and everything was fine until today when I tried booting up, it asked me to register again!

    So I put in the key I was given by, and it just accepted it (didnt say it was invalid) but didn't take it off trial mode... now I have 30 days left :|

    What does this mean? Should I re-install it... what do I do after 30 days if fluxmedia hasn't opened the store yet?!?

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    RC2.1 will be out for one...

    Did you modify your system date? This should not have happened, especially if it accepts the key with saying invalid, weird...

    If you uninstall, completely manually delete the installation folder, and re-install it should always work again...

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    I rebooted and it worked fine... that was really weird O.o

    Thanks david

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    so thats the 30 day countdown for RC2.1 started

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