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Thread: Uninstall RC2 first ???

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    Uninstall RC2 first ???

    The RC3 progress report states:
    Uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release.
    I thought that the move from RC1->RC2 was the last time we'd have to play this game? It's not a ton of fun to reconfigure everything from the ground up...
    :: Mark

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    Can't we keep the XML files, media DB, apps, and skins

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawJohn View Post

    Can't we keep the XML files, media DB, apps, and skins
    DB and skins should be fine... I just added two new icons to the icons sub folder that need to be copied to the old skins...

    I did change the configs some and I had a bug in the updater I had to fix...

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