Important Notes
  1. all playback channels used for input, line-in, mic, cd-in, etc.. should be muted in the playback section of the mixer
  2. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release, not necessary when using updater
  3. voice recognition requires a USB or Bluetooth microphone, or any separate input. Centrafuse uses the primary sound card input for sending data to the visualizations and adding pause/rewind/fastforward functionality to radio and satellite radio
  4. two new skin files added to the dialogs directory import3button_off.png, import3button_down.png, these are the same as the old gpsaddfavorite images, which also changed and need to be updated in the skin.xml file in the GPS section

New Features
  1. no non-GUI flag for external applications, if the window name is left blank then it will be treated as a non-GUI application
  2. update tool displays the total size of the updates that need to be downloaded
  3. when application is running as system shell, when you exit the application the windows desktop reloads
  4. added option to completly disable the EQ in the application, for users that want external EQ control
  5. added option to enable auto toggle of navigation day/night mode when you change application day/night skin
  6. added option to navigation to sort favorites by distance
  7. added the ability to import CSV files into favorites folders through the add menu
  8. added intersection routing to navigation address searching
  9. added loading screens to longer loading tasks in navigation dialog
  10. new version of PhoneControl.NET integrated, 1.7.5

Bugs Fixed
  1. mouse cursor hides on resume from hibernation, when enabled, even when hibernating while using an external application
  2. no internet connection dialog removed from weather plugin, it attempts to update silently in the background
  3. adding trips to the trip planner shows the proper right hand navigation screen
  4. startup location label in general settings properly updates
  5. library search properly works when using a keyboard and searching with spaces
  6. all application keyboards no longer add double spaces when using a keyboard instead of the on screen buttons
  7. correct speed is displayed in navigation
  8. full street names show up in navigation, example way, place, road, lane, etc...
  9. when you cancel setting up the application as shell in settings, the buttons properly redraw
  10. windows auto play is automatically disabled
  11. improved navigation address searching speed
  12. clock properly displays the time format, AM/PM or 24 hour format
  13. playlists are not deleted if you close the application without loading the media section
  14. internet connection icon properly updates when skin is changed
  15. voice prompts in navigation properly disable
  16. file browser properly displays files, when it's meant too, at the root drive level
  17. next track event in the API fires when media changes on its own
  18. navigation dialog buttons properly make click sounds, when enabled
  19. music stays paused for entire phone call, unless it's manually started again
  20. phone dialer dialog properly displays on incoming and outgoing calls
  21. music resumes when a phone call has ended
  22. incoming SMS messages only display one dialog
  23. volume does not lower when phone call disconnects
  24. navigation properly navigates to a house number when using the GO button