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Thread: David: New RC4+ feature from the list

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    David: New RC4+ feature from the list

    add support for NAV, Web, external applications, and plugins to choose which monitor to display on

    Hi David, could you explain what this will involve? The reason I am asking is that I know of many that have multiple monitors, but noone which have more than 1 touch (sure some out there in the world do, but not many).

    So are you planning to move there entire NAV to another monitor including buttons would require either the use of only shortcuts or a second touch monitor or just a "see-only" part of the application/plug-in, so that I can still control it on the touch screen?
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    Good question

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    Thats the reason it's not done yet Still thinking about how I will implement this...

    Initially I will probably just send them to the secondary screens and they will be for users that have multiple touchscreens, but I will need some solution for what you are saying...

    It will be at first more of a feature for people with headrest touchscreens...

    So the people in the back can browse the web, etc...

    The NAV going to a secondary screen was requested by one distributor who had dual touchscreens in the front of their car. They wanted NAV always up on one and still able to use the program on the other...

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