Important Notes
  1. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release, not necessary when using updater
  2. when listening to Radio or XM, voice recognition will not properly work unless you have a USB or Bluetooth microphone, this is due to buffering/recording

New Features
  1. Added support for DRM protected WMA files and the ability to download licenses
  2. turn by turn view in navigation uses paging instead of moving a single item
  3. phone dialogs have been resized to fit in an 800x480 resolution
  4. added icons to the left side of the navigation map for easy access to functions, a compass, etc...
  5. added hotkey for add to favorites
  6. added support for HQCT radio, alpha/beta release version of the radio module
  7. if "PASWORD" is passed as param2 to CF_systemdisplayDialog when calling CF_Dialogs.OSK or CF_Dialogs.NumberPad the field text is hidden
  8. weather plugin last updated says today/yesterday instead of date when applicable
  9. added ability to display Navigation, Web, OBDII, TV, CAM, and External Applications on any monitor, resolutions need to be the same as the primary
  10. navigation turn by turn list removes turns as you pass them so the top turn is always your next
  11. added the ability to allow multiple instances of the application to be loaded for server/client environments

Bugs Fixed
  1. CF_TextItems.CurrenTrackNumber SDK misspelling corrected
  2. regular microphones will now work with voice recognition
  3. fixed radio preset saving, you hold for 2 seconds to save
  4. radio now properly saves the preset names you assign
  5. you can navigate to a city or postcode without selecting a street
  6. fixed error some received when saving audio/video settings on initial setup
  7. saving radio presets automatically pops up keyboard to name the preset after holding them down for two seconds
  8. next track event should fire for all files including variable bitrate files
  9. arrow keys properly work in navigation menu
  10. navigation search properly works with spaces and search speed increased
  11. current zip and current destination information properly return from getGPSInfo function in SDK
  12. navigation will load in the background the first time getGPSInfo is called from the SDK if it is not already loaded
  13. navigation auto day/night skin switch properly works
  14. navigation day/night mode is not changed when you modify settings or exit the application it is saved
  15. running as system shell works
  16. when you exit or disable run as shell explorer reloads when you exit the application
  17. navigation gives notification of upcoming turns
  18. fixed default install location in the config.xml for the radiator radio module
  19. date and time dialogs and outputs properly display based on localization including settings screens
  20. navigation, web, cam, and external applications stay in fullscreen/non-fullscreen mode when changing skins
  21. random, connect, and mute buttons properly stay highlighted when switching from sections that cover them
  22. date and time properly display in phone section based on localization
  23. left/right arrow keys should properly work in phone section
  24. when you exit DVD, TV, etc.. the music, radio, or sat radio will not start playing unless it was before
  25. phone signal strength displayed more accurately
  26. when switching from cdrom playback back to hard drive playback the cd audio is properly paused
  27. shift, alt, "..." buttons properly work when used with keyboard and enter key
  28. mixer section properly works with keyboard control using tab, up, down, left, right
  29. fixed keyboard control issue with enter key and dialogsinput channel level used by radio and satellite radio is not set to 50, but
  30. determined based on what you leave it at in the mixer
  31. input channel used by radio and satellite radio is properly selected and its output channel is properly muted, fixing the double audio problem
  32. rewind and fastforward buttons properly work in satellite radio mode
  33. navigation speed is properly displayed
  34. all values read from configuration files are properly HTML decoded