Important Notes
  1. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release, not necessary when using updater
  2. when listening to Radio or XM, voice recognition will not properly work unless you have a USB or Bluetooth microphone, this is due to buffering/recording
  3. if having problems with GPS receiver in SiRF mode, try switching to NMEA mode

New Features
  1. added a loading screen to weather location search screen
  2. added CF_closeApplication method to the SDK which closes the main application
  3. navigation favorite importer now supports MapMonkey, PocketGPSWorld, and POIHandler CSV formats, as well as standard (longitude, latitude, description) format
  4. added option to enable/disable auto switch to navigation as you approach a turn, when in a route
  5. added option to enable/disable auto showing of turn-by-turn list as you approach a turn
  6. if house numbers are not available in navigation the numberpad is displayed to allow you to manually enter it
  7. added support for the Terratec Cinergy 600 radio with RDS, thanks to Vittorio
  8. increased volume increase speed
  9. hold on list view searching ignores leading "The"
  10. when you load a new playlist/album/artist from "My Library" while in random mode, the first song is random
  11. if you add/remove music paths from audio/video settings, when you save it asks you if you want to rebuild your library
  12. labels scroll to the right as you type, example keyboard or numberpad

Bugs Fixed
  1. fixed getGPSInfo in the SDK when run before navigation loaded
  2. fixed setGPSRoute in the SDK when run before navigation loaded
  3. added load previous section hotkey in settings
  4. upcoming turn is highlighted in turn by turn list in navigation
  5. fixed turn icon showing up in top left corner of navigation map
  6. preview button in navigation menu works
  7. voice prompts disable when notifications set to none
  8. navigation history properly works
  9. you can no longer add a navigation favorite without a name, which caused you to never be able to delete it
  10. fixed bug in new address house number section of navigation
  11. street, city, and postal code navigation lists all load faster after initial load
  12. street search in navigation excludes street prefixes to make searching easier
  13. fixed navigation display issue when changing skins
  14. navigation properly highlights street name in list view when going back, using intersection routing
  15. main title only shows RDS information while in radio mode
  16. main title information is properly updated when you change skins without flicker
  17. visualizations and track info properly display when listening to a CD
  18. fixed hitting "+" in "My Library" with keyboard losing focus
  19. fixed DVD fastforward and rewind when holding down chapter skip buttons
  20. navigation properly un-mutes audio after voice prompt has completly finished
  21. folder paths properly display in "My Library"
  22. improved tag reading, supports iTunes 7 and includes "Album Artist" support
  23. fixed main title scrolling problems
  24. hotkeys to load other sections while in DVD properly work
  25. enabling logarthimic volume and pre as master at the same time now properly works
  26. go to previous section properly works when going between plugins and external applications
  27. improved HQCT support
  28. fixed uninstall problem, application completly uninstalls now