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Thread: Visual indicators VS. Number indicators

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    Visual indicators VS. Number indicators

    On my iPod, to see the time left on a certain song I don't actually read the time, I just look at the green bar and how close to the end it is. I think front ends would be a lot safer if they used this concept more. That way when you are driving, you do not have to read anything. Obviously somethings need numbers, but in general I think symbols can be recognized much easier than numbers.

    This is just a quick thought; I want to see what you guys think about...

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    good idea (may be the time can be displayed in the progress bar also)

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    this is indeed a good idea... perhaps do it like it is in winamp, so when you click somewhere on the "progress bar", the tracks plays from that point... this would make it easy if you are listening to a large mp3 file and you don't want to listen from the beginning...


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