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Thread: New Downloads page with additional Plugins!

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    New Downloads page with additional Plugins!

    We have updated the Downloads page to include some additional plugins.

    They all have installers, screenshots, and manuals...

    We plan to continue to add to this plugin list and work to make sure the plugins on the site stay up to date with the latest versions of Centrafuse...

    Stric helped a lot in this process, so thank him...

    Here it is:

    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210

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    Nice and sweet, the volume-plug looks very handy.
    I was just wondering why a new note in the calendar adds the current time, any plans on being able to change it, or just leave it away ?

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    downloadsection for updater file

    Hi David,
    happy new year from germany!
    you told me to build a download section for the updater file to manually update the carpc if there is no internetconnection.
    Please doit, because its a pain to install the hole programm and save your own mods every time.

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    @nessie: It was added on request (see thread in plugins section). Maybe I will make an option to disable it.

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