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Thread: Is there a good, embeddable wireless LAN control program?

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    Is there a good, embeddable wireless LAN control program?

    I am trying to embed the WLAN utility that came with my Engenius wireless LAN adapter so that I can find and connect to wireless networks, but Centrafuse can't open the program correctly, I just get a blank white screen with the MP3 title bar at the top and the player controls at the bottom. What can I do to fix this? Or is there a better program I can use to connect to wireless networks that can be embedded properly?

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    Dunno about the app that you're trying to work with. I'd be happy to look at it though, any chance that it's downloadable from somewhere?

    On the other side, you might want to look into WiFi Hopper - it'll do a LOT more than just connect to a LAN. It's not a freebie, but I think it's well worth the $35. And yes, it embeds well into CF.
    :: Mark

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