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Thread: Is XM Working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drblast33 View Post
    I just noticed today, I compared the raw line in xm radio vs the wave output xm in the frontend... and the xm through the frontend software sounded like crap! anyone else noticed the degrade in sound?
    Yeup. We've been talking about it for a while.

    Do I need to play with the eq??
    Adding in the lousy MSFT Windows EQ will just make things worse, and disabling EQ doesn't help.

    In an ideal world, it "should be" straight through, but there's an inevitable A->D->A conversion that has to happen.

    David's asked for time to get the updater working and then he's heading back into XM. Personally, I'm not planning on letting him get too far with out looking into the parameters of that ADA conversion he's doing.

    One thing that will be out of his control is the A/D, D/A chip that's on the soundcard. But I can't believe that it's as bad as I'm hearing.
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    But I can't believe that it's as bad as I'm hearing.
    I agree... When I hear the xm through the line in, its still being converted analog to digital and digital to analog through the sound card... so it can be much beter! Will disabling the sound buffer change the quality of xm?

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    disabling the buffer is hearing the audio straight from the sound card with nothing done by Centrafuse...

    with the buffer is a simple raw un touched PCM recorded WAVE, then it is simply processed through the same EQ and Normalization if they are enabled, if not simply just played...

    I don't hear much difference on my end, but again everyone is different...

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