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Thread: Feature Request Hotkeys

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    Feature Request Hotkeys

    Hey David this may be easy to add/change, but it seems simple enough. I was going to setup my mouse1, mouse2, mouse3, wheelup, wheeldown buttons on the mouse to hotkeys, but I noticed that it wasn't possible. I am assuming you have hotkeys only to detect keyboard keys, but was wondering if it would be simple enough to change it so the hotkeys could be from the mouse also. Thanks!

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    I can look into it... you might easily find a program that maps your mouse, or a certain mouse, to send hotkeys as well...

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    Yeah Volumouse works for what I need to do, but having one less program open would be nice, but I know you are busy with a lot of other stuff. If you get around to it that would be great. Thanks.

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    If anyone was interested in what I was talking about, I posted a thread about a program that I found. It does EVERYTHING that I need it to do and so much more. Rather than double post I'm just going to link to the program.

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