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Thread: Order albums chronologically...

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    Order albums chronologically...

    I don't think it's possible at the moment but are there any plans to be able to order you albums chronologically?
    For instance I'd much rather see all the Beatles albums from earliest to latest instead of alphabetically.
    I have all my mp3 tags set up with years on my albums and it seems a shame not to be able to use this data.

    Cheers for some killer software,

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    I've requested this before.

    If David incorporates the DATE tag into the database (currently he does not) it would be a very easy modification to change the Query in the MDB file to sort by date.

    I would LOVE to have it work that way too... makes so much more sense!
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    I will add it to future features list to store tag date in the database, that way someone can edit the queries in the main.dat file to sort however they want...

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    sounds promising, cheers

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