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Thread: UK Maps In CF - Confirmation Required

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    UK Maps In CF - Confirmation Required

    Sorry for another post, but this is more of a query rather than a problem.

    If I want to copy UK maps into CF for navigation, what do I need to purchase to get those UK maps? I think it is just the PDA version of Destinator 6, but want to check that I am correct.

    I know it is naughty, but if someone could give me a link to somewhere I can download the UK maps from, it wold be much appreciated. I really would like to see it all working before I go and spend the money.

    Alternatively, any idea how close we are to a release of the software, I get the impression that it will be bundled with maps if the correct version is ordered.

    Many Thanks,

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    It will be bundled with maps and the release is very close... there will be information ont he website soon with prices and the store will open shortly after....

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    Thanks for the confirmation David. I will sit here and eagerly await the release... I guess in the meantime I should get on with fabricating my dash.

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