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Thread: Centrafuse Bluetooth Phone Questions

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    Centrafuse Bluetooth Phone Questions

    Hey, I want to integrate a bluetooth phone into my carpc setup. So I have a couple of questions.
    1. What hardware/software do I need? I assume I need the Bluetooth enabled phone, Bluetooth adapter for my laptop, and centrafuse to communicate with it. Anything else?

    2. I looked at the supported bluetooth phone page for centrafuse. And I was wondering, what would happen if I tried to use a non-supported phone. Would it just refuse to work, lack of features etc. I can get cheap access to a Nokia 2865i or LG AX245 from Alltel, and want to know if it's possible to use these phones.

    Any comments would be appreciated, Thanks,


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    You just need a Bluetooth dongle and one that comes with the Broadcom/Widcomm stack 3.x or higher...

    you can see a list of compatible dongles at

    It depends, sometimes you can select a similiar phone and it will work, partially work, or not work at all...

    as more phones are tested the list is updated...

    note: also read the forums about your phone on the link above, there may be information or someone that has gotten it to work, or not work...

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