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Thread: Can't ADD/EDIT POI to show Speed Cams

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    Can't ADD/EDIT POI to show Speed Cams

    David, Centrafuse is great (well done) but have you added ability to add (import) or edit Points Of Interest yet? (v1.1?)

    I don't mean adding favourites. I can import csv/dat files as favs but this is of little use for speed cams as I can't opt to SHOW/HIDE them as you can in "Points Of Interest"
    I thought the Destinator console could import POI to the .POI file but it's like . It only adds favs as centrafuse does.

    I think you said a while ago that you wanted to wait for info from destinator rather than using a workaround. - If it works, the workaround would be just as nice.

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    I can!!

    Hey mate dont usually post on these forums but i have found a solution to your problem, and i find it works great. i take it you are using destinator 6 maps, if so then u most probably have the destinator 6 console that comes with these maps, if u aint then u are gonna need to get it to be able to use the speed camara warnings the way i do! anyways if ya have got it then you will need to convert your csv files to dat files, this is what destinator console does, (havent tried anyother converter) once you have converted them you may have to search for the .dat file, it will be named the same as the csv but with a .dat ext. once you have found that rename it 'Auto Alert 1', once you have done that put Auto Alert 1.dat in the favourites folder. Thats the Hardest part done. now go into centrafuse and go to nav, now this bit is easy if i explain it right, if you cannot do it with these instructions then i will re-write them better. anyways. click anywhere on your map, a little drop down menu should appear click on the 'add as favorite' this will bring you too destinators favourits screen just add the favourite for the time being, once you have done that you should notice back and forward arrows at the top of the destinator favourites window, if you go BACK until you cannot anymore you should see a list of your favourites, the should be a closed eye next to Auto Alert 1 clck on that and the eye should open, then click close at the top of the destinator favouritres window, and there you have it Speed Camera Warnings in centrafuse.

    When you approach a speed camera then the lady shouts 'FAVOURITES ALERT' in process of changing that at the mo!

    also put the image into your favourites folder and use paint to change it to a BMP, it is the perfect size.

    Any trouble then just post back onto this forum, and hopes this helps you and a whole lot more Brits
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    You can also use the "+" import tool to import the CSV's directly into CF and create the .dat file... Just create a folder, enter the folder, hit "+", and navigate to your CSV file...

    I do not yet have the ability to perform the hide/show function which is needed... This will be added just like it is for the POI, just waiting on some methods to get added to the SDK for me...

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    Just to help illustrate why us Brits are so keen on speed camera alerts:

    Country Total Speedcams
    Andorra 2
    Austria 641
    Belgium 1650
    Czechie 399
    Denmark 25
    Finland 437
    France 2766
    Germany 4138
    Hungary 38
    Italy 1208
    Lichtenstein 1
    Luxembourgh 6
    Netherlands 1631
    Norway 305
    Poland 13
    Portugal 148
    Romania 37
    Slovakia 7
    Spain 1241
    Sweden 826
    Uk 8658


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    zak1588 my son your a freakin' star!
    Well done on 1st post. Think this needs to be a sticky until showing/hiding favourites and POI is properly integrated into CF.

    I was about to tell you that I could add Favourites but could not show them.
    I don't know if it is just me but I could'nt find this info anywhere.

    David. Did you know about this?

    Copy SpeedCamFile.dat and SpeedCamPic.bmp to "C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\Common\Favorites"

    Just to reiterate:

    Click anywhere on map
    --> "Favourites"
    --> Click "Save"
    --> Click "Back Arrow" next to "Categories"
    --> Click on the eye symbol next to "SpeedCamFile" or whatever you named the .dat file.
    --> Click "Cancel" to go back to map and Cams are UNFORTUNATELY I see 8658 speed cams as I live in UK.

    As David said you can Create a folder in CF and import the .csv file but this is very slow but still handy.

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    Hey spudgunblunder have you managed to change the annoying, 'Favourites Alert' yet? o and another thing if you use cf volume with the gps speed thingy i got the warning without having my NAV open.

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    Yes I found where to change the distance of the 1st and second altert for favourites and I think you can just disable this by un-ticking the box.

    if you use cf volume with the gps speed thingy i got the warning without having my NAV open.
    I have'nt tried this yet (are you using version 1.1?) but is it something to do with bug fix No 5:

    if viewing "My Library" and navigation turn approaches, the screen properly switches to show you the turn

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    great work Zak1588 iv been looking for something like this for ages for centrafuse, thanks heaps

    dont suppose anyone knows where i can get a decent list of australian red light camera locations?

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    ohh crap i uninstalled centrafuse deleted all the files too and installed 1.1 which i just downloaded and now cant add fravs by clicking on the map,,,, might need to find destinator console and reinstall this too.. ummm. when i click on the map no frav option comes up anymore.

    any ideas?

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