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Thread: Blank Button Removal

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    Blank Button Removal

    Ok so i don't use nearly all the features in Centrafuse.. TV, Web etc etc..

    I remove the buttons.. Yet Centrafuse leaves the blank button still there..

    I have the first screen buttons full and the second page 3 buttons. Yet i still see the additional buttons on the second page and an entire 3rd page of blank buttons.

    Is there a way to fix this? Looks kind of tacky too me and i dont want a bunch of buttons for functionality i dont use.

    Cheers guys.

    EDIT: Ok after leaving it for a few seconds it appears its hidden the 3rd page full of blank buttons. So thats good. Second page is still showing 3 blanks along the bottom though.

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    From my understanding of doing skins, that's not possible. The only thing I could think you could do is cut it down to 6 buttons that you use. If you get rid of the buttons on the second page, they are gone on the first page as well. I think that's the case.
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    Ok.. If its not possible its no biggy.. I'll just come up with 3 additional things for those buttons.. I need to make one button run my synch script but no idea where to start with that.

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