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    Quick Question...

    Just been playing with centrafuse for a few mins....

    I just got one question, is there any option to have a "seek" bar ?, If I load up a live set that is say 3 hours long and I want to get near the end of it then I dont wanna be holding the FF button till I get there. Would be nice to just "grab" the seek bar and move it, and while its being moved it plays so you get a kind of soundbite as your going.

    Another thing that would be cool because ive always like them, is to have a spectrum analyzer of some description.

    Also, I notice when I press the up/down button then it just mutes the track :S

    I know your probablly gonna say RTFM, which I will do, these are just my very first impressions which is sometimes useful for people to know as they become use to a product / project and may overlook some of the things people first stumble across.


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    the progress bar is on the future features list...

    the up/down issue I will check out, not sure what this is...

    the spec analyzer you will just need to add a new vis to the visuals folder, it works with sonique visuals... I will try to track down a link I posted earlier with some, or search for it...

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    I gotta say though that it is the one I immediately felt most comfortable with.

    The seek bar is something I personally would find VERY useful.

    Im kind of running before I can walk here, but I find myself feeling very comfortable with the way winamp has it's layout under it's "Local Media" section (Winamp 5+). I like the way I can just click on "Audio" and then at the top start typing and it comes up with a list of matches AS I type.

    I also like the way it has it's seperate windows so I can just type "chicane" for example and then it finds all tracks / albums etc..., and if the mood takes me I could just click on the album on the window to the right and play the album, or just look at the bottom window and pick a specific track etc... I just find it very useful.

    I know you are not trying to emulate winamp here, but I just find the way it works to be very handy, I have looked into the possibility of just using winamp on its own with an appropriate skin so I could use it for touchscreen, but it isnt really a 100% answer to my prayers, as I will still have to launch seperate apps for radio etc....

    Sorry to waffle on, but I have a habit of doing that! lol

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