Running CF Version:

1) If I first boot up the PC and load centrafuse, dvd playback is fine.
2) I close out of DVD player and go back to the main menu.
All aplications still work fine.
3) But, as soon as I hibernate the PC (using CF Hibernate) and bring it back out of hibernate, CF will play about 1 second of music, and then either crash out to the desktop on it's own or once I click on any menu buttons it will instantly close out to the desktop. Both with no errors.

Now, if I repeat steps 1 & 2, but this time eject the DVD before closing out of the DVD player. I can hibernate the PC fine, and bring it back out of hibernate fine. CF works without crashing out. Only problem is, if I click on DVD to play the DVD again, I get a blank screen and blank Chapter Info. Pressing Play or chapter buttons never get the DVD to play. If I close out of CF and reload it, I can then play the DVD again with no problems.

I have no log entries in the error log under the CF install directory with a time stamp that correlates to when the CF crashes happened.

Thoughts/Suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!