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Thread: Phonecontrol hibernation issue - failed to load resources

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    Phonecontrol hibernation issue - failed to load resources

    Pretty much everytime the computer resumes from hibernation, phonecontrol spits out an error "cannot load resources from the resource file."

    This dialog doesnt appear until you minimize or close CF as its sitting there on the desktop.

    The only way to get phonecontrol working again is to exit CF and manually exit phonecontrol from the taskbar. Sometimes simply closing CF and restarting it will make phonecontrol work, but its hit or miss.

    I've got the reccomended belkin dongle, and the newest braodcomm 5.x BT stack.

    Any ideas?

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    I have a similar problem. I find that because I use EWF, if I disconnect the phone before I set a hibernation point it works ok when it resumes fine and connects again, but if I dont I get the same error.

    Never used to get this in the previous CF releases. Does this one use a new Phoco release?

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