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Thread: CF 1.2 CD and USB media playlist count issues with skin change.

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    CF 1.2 CD and USB media playlist count issues with skin change.

    I should just tell you that these recent releases are pretty damn good... very stable with very little issues overall.

    I have been able to replicate a CD and USB media playlist count issue and figured I'd let you know.

    With the USB or CD media loaded with counts at 1 each, if I let the computer change skins on its own, it seems that in the morning (after I drove the car the previous night) the skin will change, and the CD and/or USB playlist counts jump to 2. Its not always both, but usually one or the other. I can almost always drop it back down to the correct count by manually changing the skin to night, and then back to day. This will clear the extra counts (most times) and it will be correct. I have also found that when exiting CF and restarting it, the counts will be correct.

    I also noticed on occasion that CF won't switch skins automatically some mornings and evenings. All but a few times its bee fine though.

    Let me know if you need more info.

    I can also confirm what JIT said with the weather plugin. It seems like it doesn't auto update in the background even when an internet conneciton is present. Minor annoyance.

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    I will get these fixed up after we get the store running...

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