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Thread: Song title not updating consistently with Sirius

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    Song title not updating consistently with Sirius

    First bug report...hope it's not something that's been thrown around here for a while.

    Running Centrafuse 1.47 (registered) using a Sirius SC-C1 and an MJS interface box (by the way, SWEET!)

    Sirius works great but, for some reason, it doesn't always update the current song playing across the top. If you're in the Sirius screen, the song listings (for each channel) are accurate as Sirius reports's the scrolling name across the top that doesn't always seem to update.

    If you change channels, the scrolling name updates to the new song but, while doing nothing and staying on the same channel, when Sirius goes to the next song (and the song listing down below changes) the scrolling name doesn't seem to want to update.

    I don't know if it's a factor but, I'm using the Onyx skin that came with it.

    I'm a Carputer newbie but, I gotta say that I tried a BUNCH of front-ends before settling on who would get my money. I put the system in this weekend and Centrafuse was an absolute breeze to install and configure! Beautiful product! Thanks!


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    You may want to post this in the "XM/Sirius Worklog" thread to make sure that Scott (developer of the Sat Radio plugin) sees it.

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    Thanks! Will put it there right now!
    2003 Lexus SC430 - Black with Ecru. VaisTech & NavTool with Centrafuse integrated into factory nav screen (hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Command, mp3's, videos, HD Radio, Sirius Sat. radio, DVD, Internet, & digital gauges (via OBD-II)), & LuxLink module.

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