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Thread: some things about centrafuse

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    some things about centrafuse

    i have found this errors in CF
    navigator locks


    problem 1 in navigator mode
    when i try to push the map around with the finger in normal mode the i gets out of navi and cant get in there again. and have to restart centrafuse 1:20 does it and i try 1:47 and it does it too

    problem 2
    i have put in my adress in HOME
    but when i wanna go HOME the nothing happens ?

    problem 3
    when i start CF it use to be starting the music but i wont do it anymore ?

    i will try the 2.0 version on the laptop and see if thats better .
    but still hope for some answers here
    see you

    here is an idea
    i would love a DELETE button in the media area so i could delete my music if i dont like it , cant it be done ?

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    there is a delete button in My Library, but it actually removes the file from the system so be careful...

    your navigation issues seem strange, it's like it does not have a lock or you are stuck in planner mode, click on the View icon and make sure it says Planner Mode, if it says NAV mode click it...

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    Any updates from the OP on this?
    Jan Bennett
    Centrafuse Support

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