I tried posting this in the CF forums, but no luck...so I figure Id try posting the problem here.

Right after a clean install of XP SP3, I plugged in my Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro USB soundcard, installed CF, and everything worked perfectly. I did not install the device drivers for the soundcard, XP automatically recognized it as a USB Audio Device. The volume buttons and the mixer in CF would work.

Then all of a sudden (Im really not sure what changed), now when I try to press any of the volume buttons, the volume is stuck at "min." The mixer also does not work. When I slide the volume, it just jumps back to min again. Strangely, the audio output works just fine and I can control the volume manually via the little speaker icon in the task tray. Ive tried turning the "pre as master" option on, as well as installing/uninstalling the device drivers. Still no luck.

Onboard sound works perfectly though, but Id rather stick to my USB soundcard if possible.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: nvm. In the bios I changed the onboard sound from disabled to auto, fixed it.